Moodlemagiccover Mini
Moodle Magic: Make It Happen
Author: Laurie Korte
Description: These are amazing times for the Internet and online learning. We are seeing a rapidly increasing commitment to internet-based learning from teachers, students, and institutions of all kinds, using it to increase flexibility and communication within existing courses and to enable courses that could never exist before. Moodles have been implemented for users at all age levels. Online classroom ar...
Indesign Mini
CLICKstep - Adobe InDesign
Author: Linda Dickeson
Description: Learn the powerful desktop publishing features of Adobe's InDesign with these teacher-tested step-by-step activities. Start with a basic orientation to the tools and move gradually into newsletter, flyer, and brochure activities. Learn the tricks to creating master pages, tables, style sheets, and special effects using transparencies, text on curves, and other new features. The activities in th...
Acrobatcover Mini
CLICKstep - Adobe Acrobat
Author: Linda Dickeson
Description: Learn how interactive PDFs created in Adobe Acrobat Pro will change the way educators and students communicate and collaborate. Create interactive PDFs that include commenting and review capabilities, movies, sounds, links, actions and more. Learn to create interactive forms and compile the data sent back by users of the free Adobe Reader program. Enabling interactive PDFs for Reader will chang...
Cspecover Mini
CLICKstep - Photoshop Elements
Author: Linda Dickeson
Description: This teacher-friendly instruction for Photoshop Elements includes techniques for easy digital photo editing-including color correction, filters, effects, layers, backgrounds, text effects, and output to the printer or the Web. The training material in this 160 page book is organized into fun step-by-step classroom appropriate activities with practice files included on the accompanying CD. We of...
Premiereelements Mini
CLICKstep - Premiere Elements
Author: Linda Dickeson
Description: This step-by-step instruction for Adobe Premiere Elements guides you through all aspects of creating movies, starting with a simple movie organized "storyboard fashion" on the Sceneline, and moving into using multiple video tracks in the Timeline. The activities will show you how to add soundtracks, narration, video effects, transitions, animated titles, and how to animate clips using keyframes...
Comiccover Mini
Comic Life for Educators
Author: Judith Epcke & Marilee Sarlitto
Description: Comic Life is an easy to use software program that is perfect for the K-12 classroom. It reaches the visual learners and unleashes creativity. Comic Life for Educators includes easy to use tutorials for beginners as well as valuable tips for users that are ready for more. Teachers will find over 100 examples and templates perfect for the classroom.

Example projects include: brochures, trad...
Opensourcecover Mini
Open Source Opens Classrooms
Author: Laurie Korte
Description: What is OpenOffice? What is GIMP? What is Inkscape? How much do these programs cost? How do I use them? This book will discuss free open source applications that provide many of the same features as comparable commercial applications without the high price tag.

Open Source Opens Classrooms looks at how to access powerful and free technology choices. It highlights Free Open Source Software ...
Eitdemo Mini
Emerging Internet Technologies
Author: Maurice Draggon - Chris Carey - John Lien - Sheila Ryan
Description: Are your students “Digital Natives?” Do your students know more about the internet than you? This book will give you all of the tips and tricks to use the latest internet technologies. Keep up with the “Digital Natives” in your classrooms, by capturing photos with Flickr, podcasting with Feedburner, or blogging with Blogger. Whether you are new to the internet or a teacher looking to sharpen yo...
Googlebookcover Mini
An Educator's Guide to Google Apps
Author: Maurice Draggon - Chris Carey - John Lien - Sheila Ryan
Description: This 130 page book outlines the numerous tools that are available for free from Google. These applications and services can all be downloaded or used online for free! This must have teacher resource book will also help you maximize your Google searches, and will also help you utilize the internet to its full potential. Use Google Apps to energize your classroom!

The book discusses the foll...